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Audio Guestbook Rental Bay Area_edited.jpg

Our audio guestbook phone allows your guests to leave you voice messages throughout your entire wedding or event!

How does it work?

We provide a framed sign with instructions and fun message ideas for your guests.

Your guests will pick up the phone, listen to the greeting and wait for the tone to record their message. Once they hang up, their message is saved.


When the phone is returned to us, we send you a digital file with all of the audio messages to cherish and keep forever!



$250 as an add-on to your Selfie or VIP photo booth rental with us. 

$350 standalone full weekend rental when you pick up/drop off the phone from our Castro Valley office. 

If you prefer to have us set up at your venue, it will be an all-day rental with a 10 pm pickup included.

A delivery fee will apply from our Castro Valley office. 


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